Knowledge Management & Engineering Traffic Safety

Field of urban transport and traffic sectors including diversified and extensive engineering and traffic safety is a major part of this collection encompasses. Any such traffic design: geometric design, traffic control devices, volume and capacity of urban streets network, vertical and horizontal signs, immunization, the ability to use advanced systems and smart and ... Included in this format and implemented come. This section in safety management and traffic engineering has had, directly and constructively with management studies and planning and coordination and supervision at various levels are.
Create a link between macro and macroscopic studies of vision and planning with a vision and microscopic Ryzngr coordination and supervision, and establish link with the correct and principled to do the study design - and deliver projects based executive management duties between them is.
Job description
o perform engineering design and traffic safety sector based on the Regulations, guidelines and valid letters section.
o conducted study visits and traffic problems in the city to design and prioritize them.
o investigate, control and monitor accuracy and precision of projects provided by consultants in safety and traffic engineering.
o respond and resolve problems and need to make citizens in the area of traffic safety and engineering.
o linking with institutions, organizations, agencies and related companies and constructive interaction in order to improve the quality of technical and management performance.
o investigate and if necessary design requests and suggestions provided by consultants, specialists and organizations related to transportation and traffic.
o participate in training courses, meetings and trips Smynarhan visit and technical ability and vision to increase the technical management personnel.
o documentation, documentation, guidelines, regulations, software and hardware required to perform updates on design management.
o coordination and communication with other management practices and determine the policy and deputy management policies with regard deputy transport and traffic.
o do time management, labor optimization, and increase quality and quantity of activities and services management.
Performance and trend reporting activities and to provide relevant Flvcharthay measure over time.