History Department

Today, traffic and transport problems in city of Qazvin has become a difficult problem. Waste of time, cause mental stress, high fuel consumption, reduce traffic safety problems of the most striking consequences are considered which deal with it if no detrimental effects on welfare affairs, and social health of the citizens will instead.
Considering the importance and the necessity to discuss establishing an independent deputy for purchase at traffic issues, deputy transport and traffic in the winter of its activity has started 84 of the most important tasks that these areas can be pointed to the following:
o Study and Planning Affairs and Transport and Traffic in Urban Road Networks
o implementation plan to improve traffic in the city and issue necessary permits for places and - certain jobs based on guidelines issued
o Traffic Plan in connection with geometric squares, intersections, bridges and under Gzrha
o Evaluation of existing parking and site selection methods and provide suitable locations for optimal planning and construction of public parking in this area report
o Source and destination studies and comment about the line route public transportation agencies such as City Bus, Taxi and Mini Bvsrany and the like.
o Review and comment regarding the establishment of terminals within the urban-related institutions, Bus, Taxi and Amsalahm Suburban and terminals to transport passengers and goods
o Plan ITS Intelligent Transportation System
o Bus System Plan and the Mass Rapid BRT