Transportation Department macro objectives Vtrafyk

1. Improve the management of transport systems and infrastructure to increase compatibility between the city and traffic and transportation system, land use system.
2. Arterial streets network upgrades to first class highway network in order to increase network efficiency and capacity of streets ..
3. City traffic and transit traffic to facilitate increased efficiency of transport facilities in the city of input ports of entry.
4. Increasing social discipline and promote the culture of traffic (through the exploitation of the best designs, applications, tools and engineering equipment to control, manage and direct traffic in the network places).
5. Increase the facility to conduct domestic and foreign tourists, especially in core cities. .
6. Develop and restructure the public transport system.
7. Facilitate pedestrian movement and access, cycling and physical and motor disabilities in the city (through municipal ¬ Mnasbsazy way, sidewalks, ¬ terminals and public transport fleet, particularly in the context of historic cities.).
8. Reducing travel demand management (through the use of various ways to achieve coordination and interaction with the electronic city agencies concerned colleague.)
9. Public and Development Management Parkyng·hay Parkyng·hay Border passages.
10. Developing intelligent systems (ITS) in various parts of the city transport system in Qazvin.
11. Improving vehicle safety, pedestrian and cyclists in traffic and transport system.
12. Utilizing environmental standards for national and international public transportation system and private.
Operating platform
1. Commission to create specialized transportation and traffic in the City Council.
2. Activation of transportation and traffic organization and assignment of all affairs of Design in transit and traffic to the organization as a deputy, the council areas and management contracts in the form of two-factor, Client and transferee of work be organized.
3. Become deputy transport and field staff and increase traffic to monitor the operational processes of organizations.
4. Complete human resource and recruiting professional managers and technical experts for the organization of transportation and traffic and other affiliated organizations.
5. Husbandry and promote alternative power management and technical people in the second layer deputy transport and traffic and affiliated organizations.
6. Using specialized software to study, design and simulation projects, the city traffic.
7. Use practices and attract the participation of private sector investment in transport infrastructure development.
8. Use of specialized and experienced board and affiliated organizations on board Setting Organizations.
9. Contractors ranking colleague in special projects deputy transport and traffic.
10. Using a laptop and being forced to use it in meetings of directors.
11. Accrual accounting practices in the establishment of affiliated organizations and municipalities and organizations to pledge a commitment accounting consequences.
12. To centralize settlement agencies and organizations deputy transport and traffic and use of shared support units for the organization.
13. Preparation for the dissolution of organizations and formed Taxi Bus and passenger transport organization.
14. Using the power and capacity of municipal cultural and sports organizations in the education of citizens and improve traffic in the city of culture (topics such as willingness to pay for parking, benefits of walking and cycling, the use of electronic cards to pay for the cost of transport services, respect for each other while driving and walking, the need for comfort while driving and failure hoot pointless, doing non-essential non-peak hours and the like).
15. Trustee to determine natural gas supply station (CNG) in the body created by municipal organizations affiliated Transport and Traffic Department.
16. Incentive policy to support municipalities in the areas of investment categories in the parking lot.
17. Policy, a unified management and supervision of public parking created by the private sector in the city.
18. Parkyng·hay create a scale in the context of historical sites and worn.
19. Avoid overwhelming the parking deficit government buildings and offices, banks, hospitals, clinics, mosques and mounth in Article 5 of Commission and municipal areas.
20. No garage sale in a private construction through real actions to make the ban or charge for parking and a separate revenue account for deductions side parking area for construction of any alternative parking areas.
21. Make a real rate of non-marginal and marginal Parkyng·hay limit marginal streets to park.
22. Registration system and create reports and statistics documenting ongoing operational indicators in municipalities using hardware and software data harvesting and web databases.
23. Follow the legal rules adopted to prevent entry to the suburban bus fleet worn Central Terminal (Azadegan) Qazvin and create criteria for the life of buses.
24. Avoid creating monopolies for companies based in suburban suburban terminals and the use of powerful companies with a new fleet.
25. Company post established at the passenger terminal Azadegan organize transport for goods and Image Image.
26. Consultant selected to prepare competent central terminal Azadegan development project.
27. Comprehensive studies on transport and traffic and urban-scale collection of coordinating in advance with these studies, design studies Mjmvth urban, urban master plan and detailed designs.
28. Select competent consultant to develop indicators to assess the operational situation and a little good transport and traffic within the city of Qazvin.
29. Operational processes to avoid creating traffic vehicle for this vehicle disposed Center.
30. Bidirectional communication with the Imam Khomeini International University, and help create a center of transportation and traffic studies at the university.
31. Correspondence and negotiations with the Deputy Governor plans to increase the degree of importance of transportation in the province and develop visions of the city.
32. Correspondence and negotiations with the Deputy Governor for the contents focused on making Traffic Coordination Council for the Province to perform major policy issues within the urban transport for cities in the province.
33. And provide follow-up proposal to create a belt of traditional gardens in the south suburban city of Qazvin.
34. Strengthening Urban Development and offer user services, education and business in the outskirts of cities to reduce costs by exchanging Cities suburbs to the city of Qazvin.
35. Practical measures to increase the share of public transport in cities and suburbs.
36. Rail track system to create a suburb between the city of Qazvin, and satellite cities in the form of urban collection and track credit attract public law according to Article 8 and the development of public transport and fuel management task of funding the pavement, signs, facilities and fleet projects Rail between cities and satellite towns have this settlement has the government responsible.
37. Anticipated settlement Express train station (subway) Tehran - Qazvin and Station (s) suburban rail lines, urban design and urban comprehensive transportation master plan and traffic plan according to the predicted set of Qazvin city.
38. Email protocols - communications coordinator for the same use in the fleet management system, locate and public transportation (AVL) in Qazvin.
39. Make a real taxi, taxi dwindling circulation and prevent the rider to make more than one passenger or a group taxi outfit to reduce the share of trips within the city.
40. Organized to create public transport lines in the night bus and Taxi organizations in the city.
41. Remove small shipping companies and make up three different management companies capable Taxi City Taxi.
42. Obligation to restrict education and scientific training courses - applications for bus drivers and taxi and bus drivers and promoting the social character of a taxi.
43. Purchase one or more machines and create special van to transport disabled non-profit system and veterans, the elderly and people with physical limitations - move in management and supervision organizations sponsored Taxi council.
44. Creating sustainable revenues for funding public transportation and avoid imposing greater costs to citizens
45. Downtown streets into a special bus, pedestrian improvements and sidewalks and set Tryz program walking, skating and cycling as a group in town.
46. Practical measures to increase the share of cycling and walking in the city.
47. Special bus lines and create a separate bicycle traffic from private cars.
48. Create a safe route for cycling and walking between the town and park Barajyn.
49. Reduce the high rate of travel of citizens in Qazvin and avoid unnecessary trips (to create web platforms and devices in municipal government and municipal services and promote the use of electronic government as well as post).
50. Commerce Department to avoid interference in the affairs of the province to transport passengers and cargo through the legislation in City Council and interacting with someone dear Governor, Honourable House of Representatives Office of Inspection and provinces.
51. Reorganization of transport at the city through the Taxi Management and Supervision in the short term and make the organization of transportation at the time.
52. Municipal Investment Promotion Profile Square Intersections geometric path and access road, gas (breeze) as the axis of the city belt compliance with sustainable development criteria and minimum intervention in traditional gardens.
53. Improvement in the quality (structure and level) to improve the asphalt streets do Kshyha line and equipment installation in horizontal passages detectors.
54. Identify places with poor lighting and track lighting provide adequate passages.
55. Police boost traffic and increase the level of expectations of citizens and city council to build commitment among police drivers and pedestrians to observe the rules and increase mutual respect among citizens.
56. Interaction with the Interior Ministry, the province Traffic Coordination Council, City Council, Housing and Urban Development, Consulting Engineers project manager and a comprehensive master plan urban transportation and traffic on the economic consequences - social created traffic restrictions for private cars in downtown fits the body of the city.
57. Traffic Coordination Council engage with the province to improve interpretation of the "suburbs" to "space city".
58. Dear Governor person interaction, agents Province Assembly and Inspection Department and other agencies competent to transfer public buildings downtown complex or Poonak Adart Navab.
59. Interaction with provinces and Broadcasting Department of Culture and Islamic Guidance to improve traffic culture.
60. Interaction with the Housing and Urban Development to strengthen municipal land banks for transfer of land to reopen Mvz passages and transportation infrastructure projects.
61. Coordination with service systems to deliver maps and plans created profile urban municipal facilities for compliance with the design phase detailed project plan and other plans and outreach plan.
62. Pursue reform and make the old municipal obligation to provide parking for doctor's offices and engineering offices.
63. Prosecution to remove oil pipeline from Qazvin.
64. Responsibility for approval of follow-up to create traffic engineers for design, commented and approved plans relating to important buildings (groups C and D) in the four-member board and operational assistance for this important council.
65. Follow the Transportation Department and the Transportation Ministry to build ramps and loops associated with the intersection of non-Qazvin Freeway Interchange - Barajyn Zanjan road, University Boulevard and International Boulevard, Imam Ali.
66. Various panels installed route guide information and news for drivers in the range of passages.
67. Various panels installed route guide information and news for pedestrian sidewalks in the range.
68. Coordination with the Cultural Heritage Organization to install panels introduce historical sites and tourist boards to coordinate with the guide path.
69. English and Persian names matched passages and catchy parts travel, especially in tourist areas paintings, maps and Internet sites in coordination with the relevant devices.
70. Monitoring and decision making moment for all activities, transportation and traffic in city traffic control center and the center services to other related agencies.
71. Use different Shnasgrhay (induction, laser, sound, piezoelectric, radar, etc.) to collect traffic information the moment.
72. Astqadh of traffic analysis software based on information collected from the size, speed, delay and more.
73. Install video surveillance cameras in major city intersections.
74. Cameras installed speed control and enforcement accident prone areas and creating city driving violations recorded automated system for traffic police.
75. Installed cameras through a red light violations recorded at intersections.
76. System into the city lights to guide smart coordinate system attached to the traffic control center.
77. Locate and monitoring system to create moments of public transport fleet and build preference for buses and fire vehicles crossing intersections.
78. Expanding fiber optic network and other wireless communications infrastructure for transmission and distribution of reliable traffic information.
79. Creating online information systems (Internet, SMS, radio, TV, variable message boards, etc.) to citizens regarding the volume and speed of traffic on streets Vtqat moment and the Taxi and bus systems.
80. Bus terminal development outside urban and suburban.