Goals and Tasks


1. Continuing to pursue the vision and mission deputy and organizations affiliated with the National tomorrow observed documents, overall municipal strategies and tasks outside of the municipal bodies.
2. Preparation of statistics and information data bank and making transportation and city traffic in collaboration with relevant organizations and processes used to develop them.
3. Proposals to reform the laws, Regulations, standards and regulations to the concerned authorities.
4. Required studies and urban transport within the building during their periodic monitoring and approval of case studies conducted in affiliated organizations.
5. Projects have produced a scale urban and suburban and approve plans prepared in case affiliated organizations.
6. Proposals and track performance measures to increase convenience and safety of passengers and goods traffic and transport.
7. Review and plan, a comprehensive and coordinated strategy and recommendations to improve the infrastructure, fleet and equipment and increasing share of public transport with a good share of competent authorities.
8. Policy and development strategies intended for board and affiliated organizations supervising the technical performance and financial organizations, technical staff and vehicle examination facilities, traffic control centers, parks and other organs Traffic Education Department.
9. Development studies and development strategies set intelligent transportation systems in different parts of public transport and traffic flow management and guidance and information to citizens.
10. Studies and executive development strategies set about creating traffic restrictions and cultural development to promote walking and cycling in the city.
11. Preparing and providing consulting services to municipalities for developing descriptions of services, consultant selection, guidance, supervision Vthvyl making efforts to study and approved by the relevant authorities.
12. Formulation of general and specialized education programs to promote traffic culture and behavior of citizens.
13. Scrutinize the budget adjustment and development and vice affiliated organizations to provide and approve the related authorities.
14. Karbryha identify traffic impacts and major centers of production and absorption in travel and interaction with relevant institutions need to adopt coordinated policies to reduce their adverse effects.
15. Partnership with the real and legal persons in the fields of internal and external executive education and research and development activities in order to generalize desired.
16. Necessary measures for improving the knowledge and insight Vayjad technical staff and experts with scientific and technical centers and universities within and outside the country.
17. Active participation in national and international communities, teaching, research and studies.
18. Policy formulation and policy implementation in the required duties.
19. Identify and seek sustainable sources of income.
20. Preparation of plans and other geometric correction needed transportation projects and city traffic (the duties) and monitor their enforcement operations.
21. Supervision and management practices of marginal parking, flat, and public and private class.
22. Design Vsamandhy terminals inside the city, taxi and bus stations in the city of supervising their enforcement operations.
23. Immunization through the streets and intersections, and provide immunization schemes Tablvgzary and installation, maintenance equipment, panels, and vertical and horizontal traffic signs and conducting elastic longitudinal and transverse lines.
24. Mnasbsazy Interchange construction sites and the interaction between the sidewalks and streets and intersections in Svarhrv disabled and elderly to cross.
25. Provide and implement strategies for relaxation of local traffic.
26. Design, installation and maintenance of road signs and address information guide.
27. Locate, design and installation of pedestrian bridges Zyrgzr Rvgzr and buses and construction of pedestrian outstanding.
28. Locate, design, equipment purchase and installation of traffic signal systems.
29. Use of intelligent transportation systems to monitor, manage and direct the flow of traffic on streets and intersections and traffic control center construction and development of Qazvin.
30. Construction and development path and cycling facilities in the city and establish a bike rental scheme and promoting walking.
31. Preparation and implementation of traffic training park and the use of all facilities and existing technologies to achieve general and specialized education programs to promote traffic culture and behavior of different groups of citizens.
32. Compliance policies, standards, rules and regulations for environmental protection and reducing energy consumption in all designs and implementation strategies.
33. If you implement any of the above mentioned bands need permission from the relevant legal authorities to be obliged to obtain permits organizations are concerned.